“Create with the heart; build with the mind!”

We all get a bit of a mental block sometimes – but what if you could produce something unique?

You may have noticed more manufacturers of wide format printers shifting their focus towards UV ink technology.  As would be expected, with greater resources being channelled into new UV innovations, the print technology generated is simply outstanding.

The Fujifilm UV printer series, known as the Acuity range, has been highly successful in catering for businesses of various sizes. Ranging from roll-to-roll, to dedicated flatbeds, the Acuity series has something for everyone. As a dealer of Fujifilm products in Ireland, our showroom features our very own Acuity 1600ii, a hybrid, capable of both roll-to-roll and flatbed prints. The results achieved from this printer are truly remarkable. Offering a new approach to how ink is cured, introduces a whole new scope of creativity.

Due to the nature of UV ink, the curing process is instantaneous. Removing the need for outgassing, this rapidly reduces production times – now, who wouldn’t want that? However, this is not the only benefit. Unlike solvent and latex inks, UV ink sits on top of the substrate. This allows you to really demonstrate your creative flair. The textures that can be created through layering ink offers a new dimension to print and our showroom perfectly demonstrates this. From leather effects to mock vinyl records, the Fujifilm Acuity 1600ii really does open avenues into new markets.

Boasting an 8-colour configuration, including an opaque white and spot “varnish”, users can add some extra value to their prints. Capable of printing all 8 colours in a single pass at a speed of up to 33m²/hr, the Acuity 1600ii perfectly balances high speed print with high quality print. Combine this with the ability to print onto rigid substrates, and you really begin to experience what the Acuity can produce.

To learn how you can benefit from UV ink technology contact us today to arrange a demonstration of the Fujifilm Acuity 1600ii.

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