The Hexis Evolution

Hexis have announced the latest addition to their already very popular cast printable range. THE190EVO is a 50-micron, cast, PVC film which offers excellent print results with the aid of a special layer to achieve maximum opacity. Coupled with the benefits of easy application, conformability and versatility, THE190EVO is sure to impress users of all levels.

Hexis’ new structured liner has been designed to lower the initial tack of the adhesive, allowing for easier repositionability. In addition to this new liner, Hexis have developed a new solvent-based adhesive known as TAKE HEAT EASY (THE). Following on from the success of the Hex’Press adhesive, known for its use on the Hexis Skintac series, THE190EVO is guaranteed to be a hit.

Designed with the solo-installer in mind, THE190EVO’s ease of use is a massive benefit. The ability to glide across the substrate before applying pressure to pin in place speeds up application for those applying alone. Hexis have invested heavily in creating a film that presents only the highest quality of print results. The high opacity face film is suitable with all ink technologies, making it a perfect all-round, conformable material for vehicle applications.

We are all aware of the extent of technology circulating the world of Formula One. The recent announcement of the partnership between Hexis and the Renault Sport Formula One Team highlights the dedication to developing products of the highest quality to the automotive industry. We love seeing how our suppliers continue to innovate. Creating partnerships with parties that demand the highest performance is a testament to Hexis’ investment in research and development.

We are constantly looking for the most innovative products on the market. Products that we believe our customers need. THE190EVO solves offers solutions to the problems at hand. Speak to a member of our team today to find out more information.

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