Let BodyFence keep the Christmas feeling alive!

Santa deliver a new set of wheels? Gain some extra protection with Hexis BodyFence.

We were privileged to welcome Kris Owen and James Steane from Hexis UK back to Alpha HQ to provide some training on BodyFence Paint Protection Film (PPF). As PPF gains momentum globally, new and existing customers contacted us regarding training on this material. Sensing the eagerness to get a head-start on the competition, we knew the training would be a success from the off.

With a mix of experienced and inexperienced participants, the training was structured to cater for all levels. Whether the customer had not laid sight on the material before, or if they were there to sharpen their skills, the training had something for everyone. With Patrick’s car as a canvas, what could go wrong (excluding David’s knife skills)?

From cleaning to application, each aspect of PPF was covered. For those not confident cutting so close to the car, Hexis’ “DESIGN” software created pre-cut templates for users to fit without the risk of causing scrapes to paintwork. Combined with the promotional packs available to customers, Hexis have truly covered every base in order to assist customers in fitting and marketing their BodyFence services to the end user.

With every purchase of BodyFence, each customer will receive a BodyFence promotional pack to help reassure their customer of the products quality. As the only manufacturer to provide this additional service, Hexis believe that offering this added extra will help provide confidence to the end user. With a 7-year warranty card contained within the pack, the customer can trust that BodyFence is built to last, making it a worthwhile investment.

As a dealer of Hexis vinyl across Ireland, we are in the prime position to assist with any query regarding BodyFence Paint Protection Film. Please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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