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You would be forgiven in believing that vehicle wrapping is a new phenomenon due to the current online hype surrounding the industry. However, wrapping films have been available since the 1990’s, with the use of vehicle graphics being traced back to the 1880’s. The element of customisation provides vehicle owners the opportunity to add a unique touch to their vehicle, be this for commercial reasons or simply for aesthetics.

If you’re new to vehicle wrapping, let us explain a bit more about it. A vinyl sheet is applied over the top of the paint work to hide the original colour of the car. The technical name of wrapping films is a cast film. Cast is more conformable than other grades of vinyl, enabling the applicator to manipulate the material to meet the curves of the vehicle.

The vast range of colours and design capabilities truly allow you to let your imagination run free. As the Irish distributor of Hexis wrapping films, we have witnessed some amazing designs from our very valued customers. The quality and versatility of Hexis vinyl offers applicators the peace of mind that when a job is done correctly that it will remain in place.

While wrapping offers the benefit of a semi-permanent colour change to your vehicle, it also offers a slight element of protection. This is not the predominant feature of vinyl wrap, but if it’s what your looking for, then we have the answer. Hexis BodyFence is an optically clear Paint Protection Film (PPF) that provides protection against abrasion and UV rays.

As many people opt for a vehicle wrap to stand out from the crowd, the Hexis range of vinyl continues to grow. From the subtle, dechromed look to a full chrome wrap, we have the material to cater for all trends.

“Sounds easy! I watched a how-to video on YouTube.”

Wrapping is not as simple as what the professionals make it look. Behind the slick videos online, there are years of training to perfect the craft. From full colour changes to printed wraps- fitters must hone their techniques to produce a seamless, final product. Although the aim of vehicle wrapping is to cover the original paintwork, causing damage to paintwork is a major risk when using blades in close proximity. Innovative products continue to be introduced into the market to make life easier for applicators, removing as much risk as possible.

People often ask us “Why would I get my car wrapped when I can just get it sprayed?”. We never argue that wrap replaces paint as they both have their advantages. We simply highlight the benefits that can be found in wrap over paint. Vehicle wrapping is a semi-permanent colour change, meaning the original paintwork will remain the same from when the vinyl was applied. This offers the huge benefit of protecting the resale value of your vehicle when it comes to the removal. Trends also change; if you find yourself in the position of regretting changing the colour of your car, you better hope you opted for a wrap rather than paint.

Here at Alphagraphics, we have been supplying Hexis vinyl for 8 years and continue to push the brand as we know their reputation is based on the high quality of the material. We’re always on top of the latest trends and can offer you a huge variety of colours and finishes, from gloss, matt, satin, chrome, fluorescent, and many more.

Contact us on info@aginks.com to find out more about what we have to offer and to arrange a delivery of a free swatch book.

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