Speaking the language of Colour Management

The Importance of Colour Management.

Researchers have found that 90% of consumers’ snap judgements are based on colour, with 60% stating that colour plays a major influence on their purchase decision. Colour has the ability to offset emotions within us; red is seen as daring and passionate, green as fresh and healthy, yellow for hope and optimism. Choosing the correct colour for branding is imperative in order to evoke positive emotions from your target audience, leaving a lasting impression.

Colour has huge significance on brand recognition- with some brands being known for their brand colour. Coca-Cola are known for their red while Tiffany are known for their blue. What effect would be had if either of these brands released products with differing colours? Instantly, you would notice that something was different.

Shifts in colour subconsciously impact consumers negatively. A change from the norm makes us question the product itself: we automatically wonder if the product is compromised or even counterfeit. Therefore, the importance of colour management cannot be understated. Consumerism demands perfection, colour is an exact science that must be specific, precise and always consistent.

Alphagraphics is the sole dealer of X-Rite Colour Management Solutions across Ireland. X-Rite is the industry leader in colour management solutions and ensures colour consistency throughout production. We provide a host of X-Rite colour management solutions including Spectrophotometers, Densitometers, Colour Management Software, and Light Booths. Every single one accurate and quality assured. With X-Rite and Pantone’s partnership, we are in a prime position to offer the most accurate solutions to management of colour in the market.

Manually, it can be tricky to meet the high standard of colour consistency again and again. Removing the element of human error from colour matching allows for greater accuracy and reduced wastage. Utilising software enables the user to increase production times through the elimination of trial and error printing. With X-Rite colour management solutions, obtaining quality to the highest standard is never far away.

How can we help?

Research shows that over 25% of brand owners frequently encounter colour inconsistency or inaccuracy. X-Rite colour management solutions vastly reduces production errors escaping into the supply chain, helping to retain your brand image.

1.) Spectrophotometers
Both portable and for keeping on the workbench. This instrument allows users to measure the colour of a substrate using spectral data. It’s compact size aids portability, allowing the user more flexibility in testing various substrates.

2.) Densitometers
Designed specifically for CMYK jobs, X-Rite densitometers verify all aspects of density including ink trap, print contrast, and hue error for better control of the print process. With a built-in guard to protect against dust and fingerprints, the X-Rite family of densitometers replace visual trial and error, shortening production times by up to 10%.

3.) Light Booths
Lighting is extremely important when evaluating colour. Under differing light conditions, colours can appear different. Our range of Light Booths create a controlled environment, ensuring your colour maintains its integrity.

Colour management is an important issue across a wide range of industries- if colour matters to you, it matters to us. Contact us today on 028 9049 2249 to find out more about our Colour Management Solutions or send us an email at info@aginks.com

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