Alphagraphics go to Hexis Wrap Battle!

The annual Alphagraphics trip to Sign and Digital UK in the Birmingham NEC had a slightly different feeling this year. With the Hexis UK stand attracting the masses in 2018, 2019 had to be bigger and better. From new colours to the launch of the new cast printable, THE190EVO, they did not disappoint!

A new addition to the stand was the Hexis Wrap Battle. Already a success across Europe and further afield, the Wrap Battle gave competitors the opportunity to compete for the title of best wrapper in the UK. With a variety of skillsets on show, Patrick and David were able to take Alphagraphics to battle to experience the newly released materials. Gaining this hands-on experience with these new products allowed the boys the expand to their knowledge on the vast range of Hexis materials and application techniques.

Industry professionals were able to get their hands onto the new THE190EVO, to experience the new adhesive technology released by Hexis. The initial low-tack allows users to reposition the material on the panel. Once pressure has been applied, the adhesive takes hold of the substrate allowing the applicator to achieve the ultimate finish.

Is THE190EVO replacing HX190WG?

Hexis are adamant that despite the release of this new adhesive, it is not designed as a replacement to the successful Hex’Press Technology. THE190EVO is targeted to a different market segment than the HX190WG. Aimed at those who may be fitting the material alone, THE190EVO’s ease of use, is perfect for making sole application more efficient. Designed with usability in mind, THE190EVO is suitable for applicators of all levels; even beginners. If printed wraps are something you have shied away from, THE190EVO is here to make life easier.

With new products such as the Forged Carbon, Voltaic Green and THE190EVO, those participating in the Wrap Battle were able to get hands-on experience with these new-to-market products. We may have even spotted some competitors admiring the Hexis Super Chrome!

As the Irish distributors of Hexis vinyl, we were extremely pleased to see some of our customers visiting and testing their skills against the best that the UK has to offer. Through watching and networking with the best in the industry we were able to expand our own personal knowledge about applications to help pass this on to our valued customer base.

With more exciting Hexis product launches down the line, we cannot wait to bring these to market in Ireland. Combined with our customers’ arsenal of skills, the results are sure to be breath-taking!

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