The Sky is the limit with Colour Management

Thompson Aero Seating take Colour Management to the skies.

Colour plays an often-underrated role as an influence on user experience.  While you may not think that a slight shift in the colour of a product will affect your perception of that product, subconsciously you may be affected. We are all aware of the shade of red used by Coca-Cola. Immediately, you would identify a colour inconsistency within a fridge of Coca-Cola cans. This often creates a perception of a lesser quality product, despite what was in the can remaining the same.

Maintaining a reputation based on high quality products can lead to establishing a long-term competitive advantage. Consistency from the design stage to the production line is essential to reduce wastage and maximise profits. If released to market, defective goods can taint consumer perception leading to declining confidence in a brand.

Taking proactive steps to develop a more efficient production line can lead to a more superior product. Colour management is an exact science that should not be under-appreciated. As the sole dealer of X-Rite colour measurement instruments within Ireland, we experience companies from all walks of life, striving for excellence throughout their production line.

The ability to collate spectral data, allows for more effective communication throughout the supply chain. Defining colour standards during quality control checks on both raw materials and finished goods, provides the user with a degree of protection against the sub-standard goods. We often deal with companies trading with globally, clear and effective communication is vital to ensure defined standards are met. By implementing the use of colour management instruments throughout the supply chain, confusion can be limited, allowing for a reduction in wasted materials and labour.

Take control of your supply chain!

This month we had the pleasure of working with Thompson Aero Seating. Having invested in a number of X-Rite Ci62 Spectrophotometers, they attended Alphagraphics HQ to expand their knowledge on how to best incorporate colour management into their company. By developing a knowledge of the software used, Color iQC Professional; those undertaking the training could tailor the features to exclusively display the required data.

Implementing colour management into their production process has enabled Thompson Aero Seating to command greater control within their supply. Boosting the company’s ability to communicate how colours are inaccurate will heighten their output, while reducing wastage.

The commitment from Thompson Aero Seating highlights the diverse range of industries that X-Rite Colour management solutions relates to.

To find out how we can help you with managing the production of colour within your business, get in touch on +44 (028 9049 2249).

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