Protecting your pride and joy with Paint Protection Film.

Bodyfence paint protection film has been developed by Hexis R&D to protect vehicles from external aggressions.

We are well aware of the investment Hexis place into the development of their products. For over 30 years, Hexis has been committed to the self-adhesive film industry, resulting in a portfolio of the highest standard products available. Bodyfence Paint Protection film is no exception!

In compliance with new legalisation, car manufacturers must use water-based paints to reduce environmental impacts. These paints offer less resistance to abrasions. Bodyfence offers the solution. This optically clear, paint protection film offers a high gloss layer to safeguard vehicles from what life throws at it. Be it stones, branches, UV rays or someone with ulterior motives, the self-healing properties keeps your car looking factory fresh.

In Ireland, we are well accustomed to foul weather. The hydrophobic nature of this paint protection film prevents dirt adhering to the paint, keeping the vehicle cleaner for longer.

At Alphagraphics, we aim to bring you the all the tools to help you excel in both existing and upcoming markets. As a growing global market, Paint Protection Film has great potential for success across Ireland. Car enthusiasts eulogising their paint work no longer need worry about exposing their car to the elements. Hexis continue to invest in this ever-growing industry, improving performance and expanding their product offering.

This investment into the development of the Bodyfence experience has seen a database of over 60,000 vehicle templates compiled to allow installers to cut templates. This facility removes the need to a knife during application, reducing risk of damage during applications.

We work closely with the Hexis UK Training Academy to ensure that you have the right tools to succeed in this new industry. Led by some of the best installers that the UK has to offer, this training course is a great experience for those looking to grow their skillset.

Looking to find out more? Get in touch with our team to get your hands on a free sample pack.

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