Achieving Excellence with Colour Management

The print industry is highly competitive, with many variables contributing towards the quality of your prints. As brands strive to stand out within their market, bold packaging designs are becoming more common place. Whether this focuses on the use of bold colours, soft-touch laminate or a unique packaging concept, all packaging should remain consistent. Incorporating the science of colour management can transform your results.

We have partnered with X-Rite Pantone, leading experts in the world of colour management, to help industries throughout Ireland address their colour problems. Colour is a subjective topic. Each person will observe a colour slightly different. Integrating colour management systems within your design and production processes removes this subjective nature.

Why is measuring colour so important?

Through obtaining spectral data, an accurate representation of that colour can be communicated. Passing this data throughout the production process, eliminates colour inconsistencies from reaching the marketplace. Placing a tighter control on colour standard helps reduce wastage, while helping to maximise brand perception through consistent colour production.

As packaging becomes more bespoke to gain a subliminal advantage over competitors, measuring certain colours can become difficult. Special finishes and embellishments may demand a differing method of colour measurement. Highly reflective colours, such as metallic, pearlescent, and mirrored finishes can result in portions of light being omitted by a generic 45:0 spectrophotometer. Utilising a sphere spectrophotometer such as X-Rite’s Ci60, allows the user to gather spectral data that has been reflected at various angles.

Gathering spectral data using the correct instrument can mean the difference between colour intention and colour production. Specifying accurate spectral data from concept to production allows printers to meet the expectation of their customer through calibrating their printing technology with an effective colour management strategy.

Looking to improve your production of colour?

Our team are ready to help. Having accumulated years of experience in achieve the highest standards of colour reproduction, our team know what it takes to exceed expectations. Get in touch to find out how you can improve your results using X-Rite colour management solutions.

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