Spread the message, not the virus!

We are currently facing the most uncertain period in a generation. Over the coming months it is clear that we have to adopt new measures to safeguard against the spread of this nasty virus. These measures will be vital until a more long-term solution can be developed. Implementing signage solutions such as floor graphics, information displays etc. will help communicate these new measures as we try to adapt to the new world surrounding us.

As the government emphases the importance of social distancing, we are seeing a dramatic increase in the demand for floor graphic media. Floor graphics are not a new innovation to the market but are often overlooked. Making use of “empty space” through branding is an efficient means of optimising branding space.

Our relationships with some of the leading vinyl manufacturers has primed us for positioning our customers in the most advantageous position to respond to this sky-rocketing demand. It is unclear as to what impact this pandemic will have across the industry. The dynamic nature of the global response to the COVID-19 will result in evolving messages. Altering floor graphics to meet social distancing measures must be among the precautions taken as we progress towards normality.

Our range of floor graphic media ranges from market leading brands such as Hexis and Neschen to our own brand, Alphadigital. Each material has been sourced with quality at heart. Ensuring that each material has the correct anti-slip certification to cater for the widest variety of environments has remained a priority.

When it comes to floor graphics, many installers do not understand the differing levels of anti-slip properties. These rankings progress from R9 to R13. In simple terms, the higher the number, the higher the resistance to slippage. The rating required will depend on the environment of which the material has been installed. Our suppliers have developed a wealth of floor graphic solutions that cater to a wide range of different environments.

To find out more about our wide range of floor graphic materials, speak to member of our Sign and Digital Division on 028 9049 2249.

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