HappyOrNot keep visitors smiling with anti-microbial laminate.

We are all familiar with HappyOrNot’s customer experience terminals. The smiley-faced interfaces are trusted by 4000 brands globally and have collected over 1.5 billion responses since 2009. That is a lot of contact! As we continue to come to grips with how Coronavirus has impacted the world, HappyOrNot have chosen Hexis Purezone anti-microbial laminate to combat the spread of illnesses on their terminals.

What is Hexis Purezone?

This clear, self-adhesive film has been in existence since 2013 and used throughout various industries as a means of combating bacteria. Between cleaning cycles, it is commonplace for harmful biofilm to develop resulting in the spread of illnesses throughout an environment.

This clear film features evenly distributed silver ions that have been embedded into the film. Once exposed to humidity, these ions are released from the film’s top layer to combat any bacteria present. Once in contact with the bacteria, the ion will penetrate the cell wall, interfering with its growth mechanism, and ultimately leading to its destruction.

Is Hexis Purezone effective against Coronavirus?

Yes, scientifically proven to be effective against Coronavirus, this anti-microbial laminate has been approved to the ISO 21702 standard.  Reducing the presence of coronavirus by 95% after 15 minutes, increasing to almost 99.9% after one hour of contact, this film is an effective means of eliminating the development of biofilms on regular touchpoints.

HappyOrNot have committed to coating each new terminal display with anti-microbial laminate to instil confidence among consumers that their terminals are safe for use. Each protected terminal will feature a sticker indicating their protection and can be easily identified by users. While new terminals will incorporate this protection as standard, pre-existing terminals can be fitted with this easily applied film.

As the public gain confidence in returning to the high street, these innovative, proactive measures are being implemented to safeguard consumers and businesses against the spread of nasty micro-organisms. To see brands such as HappyOrNot utilising scientifically proven solutions to protect consumers provides confidence that retail, hospitality, and corporate environments can once again prosper.

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