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Harness the power of UV ink technology with Fujifilm’s market-leading Acuity range.

UV LED technology has exploded onto the market. Due to the instantaneous curing of the inks, many in the industry have seen the opportunity to drive production efficiency and eliminate outgassing altogether.

From roll-to-roll printers to the dedicated flatbeds, the Fujifilm Acuity range offers something across all market sectors. What’s more, the industry-leading inks from the former Sericol division offer strong, vibrant colours and add value throughout the industry.

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Acuity LED 1600R
Acuity LED 1600ii
Acuity LED 3200R
Acuity Ultra
Acuity LED 40
Acuity 15
Acuity Select
Acuity Select HS
Acuity F