Tools for speaking the language of colour

As the sole dealer of X-Rite products in ROI and Northern Ireland, we stock a range of colour management tools in Belfast. From Pantone Guides to X-Rite colour management solutions, we are able to improve how you communicate colour.

X-Rite’s range of class-leading colour management hardware and software in now the international benchmark for colour control and communication. Ask us for advice and information on the entire range, or consider a trade-in of your old device and invest in the latest technology:

Spectrophotometers Designed for ease-of-use, the hand-held Exact range is an indispensable tool for the print and packaging sectors. Benchtop models also available.

Densitometers Accurate and upgradeable, the Exact family includes a densitometer to suit all pressroom CMYK requirements.

Colour Management Software Where quality assurance and communication are of vital importance.

Light Booths A customisable range offering consistency and control for any environment.

Pantone Formula Guide The multi-industry range of books, chips and sets, fully updated to include the latest colours.

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